Aidan Hart





Since ancient times, mosaic has been used in the Church’s worship to manifest the glory of the world transfigured in Christ. 

Aidan Hart our lead designer and chief mosaicist has worked as a specialist in liturgical arts since 1983. He has gained an international reputation, with icons in various media in over twenty-five countries of the world, including with the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Pope, Iviron at Mount Athos, numerous cathedrals, and HRH The Prince of Wales. He is author of the respected book “Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting”, and visiting tutor to The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London.

Martin Earle, MA RCA, Icon Diploma PSTAhas worked as chief assistant to Aidan Hart since 2013. With works in USA, Spain and Britain he is rapidly establishing his name as a respected liturgical artist and mosaicist.


 Aidan was born in England in 1957 and grew up in New Zealand. There he worked as a full-time sculptor after completing a degree in English literature and a Diploma in Secondary Education teaching. At the age of twenty-five, after becoming a member of the Orthodox Church and returning to live in England, he began painting and carving icons, which he has been doing professionally ever since.

His commissioned work has been primarily for panel icons, which are painted in the traditional way in egg tempera, but has also frescoed churches, illuminated on vellum and carved work in stone and wood for churches. He has over 700 commissioned works in private and church collections in over 15 countries of the world.

He has had numerous articles published on the subjects of iconography, ecology and Orthodox spirituality, has curated four icon exhibitions, and is the founder and tutor to the Diploma in Icon and Wall Painting run by The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London. He has spent a total of two years on Mount Athos, mainly at the Holy Monastery of Iviron.

Aidan has recently completed a major work, “Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting”, published by Gracewing. For more information or to buy, click Aidan Hart New Icon Book